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Haircut Fetish

Chat about anything haircut fetish related from head shaves to buzzcuts to trims sidecut and undercuts, Please keep this chat clean from adult content!

Buzzcut and Head Shaving Fetish

For those interested specifically in buzzcuts and/or head shaves.

Haircut Roleplay

Join with Haircut Roleplay chat room at TrichoChat. Haircut Roleplay is public chat room. Everyone on TrichoChat will be able to join.

Hair video exchange

This room is for one who wants trade the video to others

Hair fetish dating

I’ve always wanted to find a partner who’s into hairfetish. I know other people might be to. So I’m creating this room. If you want to talk on here, and you’re a guest, please register. Or, since most of us are in the hairfetish chat, reach out to us via that.

Desire for Headshave

Talk about your inner feelings about headshave and anything related to it with open mind and make it happen

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